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This was posted on our Facebook page on 1/20/2019 by Nancy Rogers from Ontario, Canada

From 270 lbs to 180!!!

This was posted on our Facebook page on Nov 25th by Michele Wilson

This was posted on our Facebook page by Cheryl Adams

This is what Jennifer just posted on our Facebook page on 6/7/2018

Another customer more than satisfied! 1/17/2018

Another customer more than satisfied! 9/7/2017

Louisse Parker from Ottawa, Canada lost more than 20 lbs in a 30 days!

Wow, I continued to lose weight after I finished my diet. I adore you and I will recommend you to the end of my days!

Louisse Parker, Otawa, Canada

Testimonial sent on 9/1/2017

This is a very good product. I highly recommend it.

I just wanted to let you know that thanks to you I am very happy.
I have lost many pounds and I would have never done it if it had not been for you!

Rosa Madeira, Houston, Texas

Photos and testimony sent to our email on 8/25/2017

I'm Hallie. I always tried to lose weight but it was not possible and I even tried many products previously.

This one did finally worked and I really achieved my goal. Thank you Mary!

Hallie Enriquez, Las Vegas, Nevada

Photos and testimony sent to our email on 8/15/2017

I wanted to let you know that I am recommending your products to all my friends.
Thanks to you I was to lose the weight I wanted and more.

Thanks Payless4HCG!

Betty Paz, Denver, Colorado

Photos and testimony sent to our email on 7/29/2017

Since the end of the diet, my daughters and even my own husband is copying my new
way to eat. They also want to be as healthy as I am and I definitely have served as an inspiration to them and others as well.

It was great that I found you on the web.

Bertha Ramirez, El Paso, Texas

Photos and testimonial sent to our email on 7/18/2017

Thanks to you, I have achieved my goal of losing mamy, many many lbs in a very short time.
I thought that I could not but little by little I was succeeding and I can already send you my before and after photos
and do it with pride.

Martha L. Jameson, Toronto, Canada

Photos and testimony sent to our email on 7/1/2017

I always knew I had to lose weight but I did not find the way to do it until a friend in Bogota recommended these
Wonderful drops. I manage to surpass my goal and I am more than happy. My friends are more than amazed with my results and.
achievement and many have asked me how I did it.

Should I tell them? ha ha ha

Lucia Benavides, Bucaramanga, Colombia

Photos and testimonial sent to our email on 6/28/2017

I did it!

What more can I tell you? This diet works! Theonly thing is that you have to be judicious.
If I could do it, anybody can! I had never been able to do any diet before.

Heather Davis, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Photos and testimonial sent to our email on 6/7/2017

I am from Lima, Peru and I recently spoke to some friends about this wonderful diet.
I got in touch with Mary from Payless4HCG and the rest is history as they say. I am
more than satisfied and already everyone can see the difference on me.

Emely Navarrete, Lima, Peru

Photos and testimony sent to our email on 6/3/2017

You can notice the difference in lbs already in these photos.
I recommend this diet to all and you will see that you will not regret it.
What I regret is that I have not done it sooner.

John Gensonm, LA, California

Photos and testimony sent to our email on 5/19/2017

Her name is leslie and she was able to lose 36 lbs in just 40 days.
Tremendous difference, right?

Congratulations Leslie! And thank you for sending us your photos.

Leslie Bonaire, West Palm Beach, Florida, US

Posted on our Facebook page on September 18, 2016

Jossette Westin, San Jocesito, Costa Rica

Another satisfied dieter!

Oli Flores, Costa Rica

Although over 9,000+ Facebook likes will tell you that most people are very satisfied with our HCG PLUS and our service, please make sure you read as many comments and testimonials as possible to get a good idea of what our own customers are saying about us and the HCG Plus.

THIS DIET WORKS! (8/24/2016)

This diet is short of amazing and definitely works. It did help boost weight loss and help curb my appetite after the first few diet doing it. You absolutely unequivocally CANNOT cheat on this diet! The whole point is that you are detoxifying your body and eating clean, so even having something as small as a piece of bread can make you gain 2+lbs overnight. It's not fat - but it's bloating from the processed food and it can take you up to a week to get back to losing. Don't do it! If you think you can't do the time without cheating, then I would suggest finding another method of weight loss, but if you're really committed it has amazing results. You need a team of supportive people to help you and Payless4HCG provides all the support you might need and then some, it's also a great idea to keep a blog.

Good luck to all!

Lucille Bernhard, Cobble Hill, BC, Canada

Payless4HCG is the best and there is always awesome customer support for any questions...

Posted on our Facebook page on Feb 09, 2016

Jennie Ward, Penniac, New Brunswick, Canada

Payless4HCG drops are the best hCH drops on the market bar none.

Posted on our Facebook page on January 6, 2016

Connie Phillips, Tompkins, Saskatchewan, Canada

I lost 13 pounds in 2 weeks! (12/31/2015)

Im down over 50 lbs and over 50 inches over my whole body. (Product review posted by customer on 8-14-2015)

The belly ive been fighting to get rid of is disappearing .. atter  starting the HCG plan last summer when I reserved a bottle for my birthday last year. This is my third time doing the 40 day HCG Im losing how I see results in days not months.   I find following the food plain is easy. Made my own food chart up to keep track of my meal and my calorie in take. Great product

Michelle Waller, Grimsby, Ontario, Canada

First of all, I wanted to thank you for this great diet drops

Good morning. First of all, I wanted to thank you for this great diet drops. Lots of my friends that have also bought this product from you are getting the same great results me and my husband did. We wanted to thank you for including the applet to translate some pages and the recipes since our main language is french. Love you! Please keep selling the original formula so more of my friends and family can also take advantage of them...


Bethany M., Canada. (Post it on 7/29 on our FB page)

Nothing worked until I found Payless4HCG.com

I have always struggle with my weight. I did everything I could to to lose weight but nothing ever worked for me. I tried dieting, I try working out, I tried every diet you can think off and nothing worked until I found Payless4HCG.com. It has changed my life completely I have lost a lot of weight I am feeling fantastic they give you so much help and support that there is no way you can fail ... I would recommend payless4hcg to every one I know that is trying to lose weight !!!

Esweidy Valdovinos-Barajas, Omaha, Nebraska

77 Pounds Gone! (Comment posted on our FB page on 11/15/2014) Click here

Jenny Hart, Rome, Georgia US

Great product, BETTER SERVICE!

Well, I don't need to tell you how many lbs I lost. Just take a look at the picture. I got amazing results for sure! These people do offer the best drops formula and the service is top notch too.

Ken Willis, Londonderry, New Hampshire

I lost over 50 pounds... (Comment posted on our Facebook page on 5/5/2014) Click here

I just want to say that this product is the one to go with! (Comment posted on our FB page on 9/11/2013) Click here


Linda Malefant, Atholville NB, Canada

Down 27 lbs!!! And 3 pant sizes! (Comment posted on our FB page on 8/21/2013) Click here

Ken Arthur Gibbens, Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lost 20 lbs rather easily...

I never imagined that it was going to be this easy. Now and ready to show the real me this summer ; ) Lots of family and friends got encouraged and are doing it too and they are all having great results. Thanks Payless4HCG!

Pedro Almeida, Miami Springs, Florida

After being on the program for not more than 40 days, I have lost 35lbs

I've also researched this diet w/ a critical eye and after being on the program for not more than 40 days, I have lost 35lbs. I have followed the program for over 10 years. People need to see results to stay convinced that what they are doing is working.

After a certain age your weight loss becomes almost insiginificant, even w/lots of exercise. 1/2 lb to 1lb a week sometimes doesn't seem worth it especialy when you can gain 3 in a couple of days. the low calorie part of HGC was a concern to me, but w/the drops and understanding what is really happening, It made perfect sense.

Being over weight by 20 - or more pounds is a greater risk, and surgeries are expensive. Losing weight changes your health, you may experience some uncomftable feelings as you detox from the normal toxic foods that most American's eat. Interesting the FDA is not concerned about all the chemicals that go into prepacked foods to keep them shelf safe.

People need to really understand what their putting in the bodies and not rely on the government to tell them what's safe because their interests are in profits and control not your health if they were most of the foods you can buy everyday would not be on the shelfs.

Katie Davis, Hampton, Virginia

Love it!

Lost 105 pounds... and still losing.... love it!

Stephanie Gorris Miletic, Appleton, Wisconsin

Claro que se puede! (Mayo/23/2013)

Ana M. Cintron, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Fantastic and so Easy!!...

I just started 5 days ago and am 5.5 lbs lower in weight! I am NEVER hungry but look forward to the next meal. I never thought I could do the 500 calories but it is easy. It is very strict but I needed something drastic to make significant changes. I am starting to "like" me again!! Can't wait to finish this round, and the new ME I'll be. Just in time for summer.


I did the 60 day program along with my mother and we both lost so much weight!

I did the 60 day program along with my mother and we both lost so much weight! Personally I went from 310 lbs. to my current 262 lbs. that I weigh after the stabilization period. If you go and put the effort into it you will see results fast! It was great to finally feel comfortable with myself and get compliments from others. You are a life saver Payless4HCG. I am looking forward to doing a 30 day program to accomplish my goal.

Gaddy Farias, Garland, TX

I lost 70 pounds!

Testimonial taken from our FB page on 02/26/13. Click here to read it there.

Wendy Dietz, Alberta, Canada

Very Pleased With The Results!

Started out at 182 pounds and dropped to 148 on one round. This product is great i love it.

Linda Lundrigan, Hinton, Alberta, Canada

60 lbs just vanished!

I began the HCG program in September of 2010 at 230lbs. and by February of 2011 I was 170lbs. I completed three rounds of the plan as it was prescribed and 60lbs just vanished. People who have known me for quite some time often don’t even recognize me at first. They all think I must have been killing myself in the gym or maybe even got sick . . . nope, I just did the drops and dropped the weight.

Jules R. El Paso, TX

I am still the biggest believer of the hCG diet!

Well with all the controversy of late, I am still the biggest believer of the hCG diet. I was close to 180 lbs when I started, lost 51 lbs in 3 short rounds over a 4 month period, and maintain a 49lb loss 5 months later! I was a size 14 and now fit into a size 2 at 42 years of age who would of thought it possible? the coolest thing about the process is it has boosted my metabolism, and I have a new normal set weight of 130.with my job demanding 60 - 70 hours a week I had no time to exercise and the fact that I lost the weight without it is what astonishes my peers and family. with the traditional protocol and a lot of commitment there aren't any excuses for anyone to be over weight any longer!

Katharine M.

Miracle in a bottle!!!

Great product, helps get rid of those stubborn, hard to lose pounds and inches while feeling great and not deprived. No hunger pangs or cravings, with or without exercise. So whether you can, can't or not able to exercise, you can still lose. Excellent. Makes it encouraging and motivating. I have lost over 75 pounds since end of June last year.

Thanks for the great product.

Brenda Velez, Kissimmee, Florida

Tengo 4 meses tomandolo y he bajado 45 kilos, estoy muy contenta!

(Testimonial taken from our Facebook Page on 1.15.13)

Paty Padilla, Jalisco, Mexico

If you follow the protocol, you will lose the weight

I am on the HCG Diet plan and it has and still is working for me. There are four stages of this program and if you follow the protocol, you will lose the weight.

I to had doubts until I start seeing the results and others as well. I have lost 30lbs since March 26, 2012 until now. Since starting HCG, my blood pressure medication has been reduced to taking a 1/2 pill every other day. While taking the HCG you are restricted to a 500 calorie diet, after that you will begin a 1500 calorie for 3weeks, and then you go back to eating normal.

This diet teaches portion control as well as what and what not to eat. I am satisfied with the program I haven't had any side effects except a headache every now and then. I am now in phase 4 and getting ready to start another process of HCG until I reach my weight loss goal.

Kathy Watts, Lansing, Michigan

Love them!

Jennifer Raines, Toronto, Canada

I'm Amazed !!!

I weighed 182 pounds and now after 28 days I now weigh 157 pounds. I am so happy and relieve that this works and didn't have any cravings.

Linda Pitre, Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada

 Es buenisima esta dieta yo e bajado bastante y mi esposo tambien...

el a bajado 60 libres y yo e perdido 40 libras y no e buelto a suvir y ya tengo 1 ano que la empese,,,,,,, echen le muchas ganas SI SE PUEDE,,,

Elvira Pacheco, Clearfield, Utah

The Best Way To Lose Weight!

Im lost 14 Pound in 20 days, and i can Run a Marathon 14 days before finish.

Jose Marrosu, Hidalgo, Texas


(Testimonial taken from our Facebook Page on 10.25.12)

Jennifer Raymond Standish, Maine

(Comment Taken form our Facebook page on 6/5/2012)

Grace Mangano macKenzie, Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Espero que puedan notar la diferencia. . . .

. . . . y animarse a probar la dieta y las gotas de HCG de Payless4HCG.com!

Gina Mihaylova, LA, California

7.6 lbs de grasa en la 1ra semana y mi esposo 14.6!
(Tomado de nuestra pagina en Facebook en 8/7/2012)

Maria Isabel Villafane, San Juan, PR

I followed the HCG Program. I lost almost 60lbs and have easily been able to keep the weigh off

Every time someone asks “how did you do it?” I tell them it was simple. I followed the HCG Program. I lost almost 60lbs and have easily been able to keep the weigh off. I have reached my “goal weight” at 121lbs. I have a healthy BMI for the first time in my adult life. I am full of energy and overall feel great! My only regret is that I did not know about this program years ago.

Julia Lambert

WOOHOO, I have lost 30 lbs!

(Comment taken from our Facebook page on 8/7/2012)

Brenda Renouf, Tide Head, New Brunswick, Canada

Este es mi 5 dia de la fase 2 y hasta el momento estoy feliz pues he bajado 5 libras!

(Comment taken from our Facebook page on 8/24/2012)

Edgar Roman, Puerto Rico

HCG is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I could not lose weight on any other diet but this one absolutely worked for me!! So excited. Thank you!

Nancy Lavin, Elk Grove, California

40 lbs en 40 Dias! (Taken from our Facebook page on 4/14/2012)

Taken from our Facebook page on 10/9/2012 Click here

Rafael Paez, Toronto, Ontario

I have dropped 50 lbs in just 3 months

After two rounds of the HCG Protocol, I have dropped 50lbs in just 3 months, and most importantly, I have been able to maintain my current weight. The HCG plan empowered me to do something I never thought I would be able to do – I had accepted the notion that I would just be overweight the rest of my life, but then I discovered HCG and I feel better, more energized and focused than I have since high school.

James M. Ritz, Weston, Florida

I have been in it for 2 weeks now and have lost 15.8lbs!

Taken from our Facebook page on 7/10/2012

Brenda Renouf, Tide Head, New Brunswick

-90 lbs, -62.25"

Jennifer Raymond, Standish, Maine

He perdido 26 lbs!

Hola a todos!!! Soy de Puerto Rico, comenze la dieta con un peso de 290 libras y al día de hoy estoy en el peso de 264 libras. Para mi es un gran orgullo ya que hace más de 4 años estoy padeciendo de Alta presión, Tiroides y diabetes. Mi diabetes estaba bien descontrolada que tenía que tomar medicamentos dos veces al día e inyectarme insulina dos veces al día. Al día de hoy mis azucares han bajado los niveles de 240 a 108. Estoy bien contenta no me ha sido fácil, pero estoy 100% satisfecha ya que no tadas las personas bajan el mismo peso. Muchas gracias.

Irma Jimenez, Puerto Rico.

It does the job without the pain and all the prep work of shots.

To the folks at Payless, thank you for your product. I have lost close to 40lbs now and I still have two weeks left to go. I was not sure if it would be as good as the injections but it does the job with out the pain and all the prep work of shots.Thank you! I have my life back at age 54 I'm looking and feeling good. Yours truly, Neils.

Neils Rosenbeck, West Cornwall, Connecticut

125 lbs in 3 months!

Jose A. Diaz, Anasco, Puerto Rico

To say that I'm happy with the HCG Diet is a major understament!

I've lost an amazing 32 lbs in the first 40 days and never felt better! This company provided me with the tools and service I needed to really lose the extra weight I had. Thank you so much Carlos, Danay, Elizabeth and the rest of the gang. I'll be forever thankful to you!

Marie McLennan, Surrey, British Columbia

82 lbs lost in 4 1/2 months. Wow!

I lost my first 42 lbs using some other hcg that I bought from another website. Needless to say that I paid 3 times more than what I would've paid here! I bought a bottle from Payless4hcg.com and I kept losing pounds the same way. I highly recommend buying your hcg here and save big $$$.

Mike J. Homestead, Florida.

40 pounds gone, 20 more to go!

My trainer, being an olympic gymnast, was very hesitant about me doing this "crash" diet as he would say. He said that something that makes you lose weight that fast can mean "no good". He said that I'll probably lose the weight fast and lose lean muscle, which is the worst that can happen. Anyhow, after I lost 30 lbs, he put me on the same scale he put me on when I started training with him, the one that measures your BMI, visceral fat, muscle, and everything in between. To his surprise, EVERYTHING went down in percentage, EXCEPT, the lean muscle, it actually went up 2%, which means that I lost weight in all the right places and gained muscle on all the right places. After he compared the before and after results, he said...."I have nothing else to tell you".

Yida C. Port St John, Florida.

Estoy muy feliz! (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Les recomiendo esta dieta a todos es muy muy buena. En mis primeras 6 semanas he perdido 35 lbs y en mi primera semana de break baje 3 lbs estoy muy feliz.

Lily Prada


I wanted to let you know about my amazing weight loss so far.  I am only on day 11 right now, but I have seen amazing results.  I have lost 12.5 lbs. and 14.25 inches.  I can't believe it.  I am sleeping so much better and have increased energy.  I haven't been able to get under 200 lbs. in a long time, but this morning I weighed in at 198.2.  Thank you so much for making such an awesome product.  AND I saved money at the grocery store last week (about half of the product cost) so next week's grocery shopping savings will actually pay for the product.  All in all, I get to lose this weight for FREE!!! That, to me, is unbelievable

Lindsay Whitney, Dededo, Guam

As of now I have lost 73 lbs already!!!

I have been taking the HCG Plus Drops for 2 - 40 days sessions now and I have noticed a major loss of appetite. I feel amazing and I have tons of energy. As of now I have lost 73 lbs already!!! My plan originally was to try and lose a reasonable amount of weight, like say 20 – 25 lbs per month but I ended up losing way more!!!.

Before... I bought these drops, I didn't know if I could do it. But now, I know that's a goal I could easily achieve. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who needs to lose some serious weight! This is the most effective diet I have tried and it is going to the only one I will use from now on.

Louise Davis, Everett, Ontario

I couldn't believe the amazing results I saw. My body transformed! I lost 24 pounds in 23 days!

My name is Anna and I love the hCG diet. I am a mother of 3 children and I have lost a total of 43 pounds by doing the hCG diet.

For my first time I did the injections from a local spa. I paid a lot of money, $1,100 to be exact to go in and get the injections but I was desperate to lose weight. I would have paid anything to feel better about myself. I saw really good results with the injections. In 23 days I lost 19 pounds!

After I lost this weight I took a break for 3 months until I decided that I needed to get the rest of the weight off! I was dreading the injections and the cost when a co-worker told me about the hCG drops that go under your tongue. I couldn't believe I hadn't heard of this before. I thought to myself this is the way to do it but then I wondered if it really would work as good as the injections.

I couldn't believe the amazing results I saw. My body transformed! I lost 24 pounds in 23 days! I can't believe how good I feel and how it really has changed my life.

I am so happy I found the hCG drops and know I don't have to go back to the expensive, painful injections again!

Anna Cornwell, London, Ontario

Les recomiendo de todo corazon este plan a todos los que lo necesiten. (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Estoy muy feliz, llevo 12 dias con el plan y he perdido 15 libras, llevo sin inyectarme insulina 1 semana y deje hasta de tomar las pastillas del azucar y la presion..mi azucar hoy amanecio en 150 que aunque no es normal todavia, es increible que tenga esos niveles sin medicamento alguno. Les recomiendo de todo corazon este plan a todos los que lo necesiten.

Buenos dias a todos...sigo comentando mis progresos, para aquellos que al no bajar mucho, se desalientan...estoy en mi dia 13 y ya he perdido 17 libras...estuve 2 dias solo perdiendo onzas y eso me desalento un poco, pero me dije..Keep Going y la recompensa fue que al otro dia perdi 3 libras. A todos los que me leen, dense una oportunidad de vida y no se desanimen, el plan trabaja.

Gisela Peiro, Miami

Great results! Couldn’t be happier!

I started my diet journey with the HCG from another company and I was starving to death. It seemed that I just wasn’t going to lose weight using it. A co-worker insisted to give Payless4HCG a try since she had used them in the past and was very successful at losing over 45 pounds using their HCG Plus drops.

I started using their HCG Drops and the rest is now history…. It not only cut my appetite but the cravings I had for some sweets disappeared little by little. Needless to say that I’m a happy camper and highly recommend Payless4HCG and their products to anyone wanting to get rid of some extra pounds and inches for good!

Betthy Armstrong, Milwaukee, WI

La verdad es que estoy super contenta.

Yo tengo tiroides de la que engorda y casi ningun tratamiento me ha dejado bajar de peso me costaba muchisimo y con esto la verdad que estoy super contenta,,, en mi primera ronda perdi 31 libras y ahora voy 15 libras en la segunda ronda espero poder perder como 20 mas.

Paula Badano

The bottom line is - the hCG mobilizes and gets rid of the stored fat.

I knew 3 people that did the hCG Diet before I did, 2 women and 1 man. 1 woman and the guy lost 30-35lbs in a month, the other woman lost 22 pounds in a month. All 3 have recommended it to their friends and family.

The people that I know that did the diet didn't starve or have crazy craving... plus they had energy. In fact they only said they were hungry for the 1st couple days, after that they were fine. Do I think that most people could lose weight on a 500 calorie diet for a month?, sure. Do I think they could do it without starving and still have energy?, hell NO! IMO most people cheat and fall off the wagon because of cravings or they feel like they are starving.

If one were to do 30 or 40 days without hCG, you are definitely going to starve yourself and be ravagingly hungry. You will also lose considerable muscle mass and not as much fat.

With the hCG, you are going to lose FAT from the right places and not a single ounce of muscle mass!

Mike T. Slidell, Lloydminster, Saskatchewan.

HOY ME LEVANTE PESANDO 1 1/2 MENOS LLEVO 15 LIBRAS MENOS SE PUEDE! (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Yolanda Rodriguez

I can't believe how fast the weight and the inches just came off!

All of my life my weight has been something that I had to watch. I was never extremely over weight but had to be very conscience about what I was eating and staying active.

When I was 23 I got pregnant with my first baby and my weight soared. As I worked to get that weight off before I knew it I was 28 and having my third and almost 250 pounds.

I started the homeopathic hCG diet after a great friend had done it and saw awesome results. I tried it and was amazed when my first round was over and I had lost 20 pounds. I immediately started my second round after my maintenance period and have lost another 15 pounds so far.

I can't believe how fast the weight and the inches just came off! The diet was very easy to follow and I never had trouble going about my normal routine consuming only 500 calories daily. This diet has made it fun to step onto the scale each morning; it actually becomes something that you look forward to.

I never thought I would ever say that and mean it. I am now looking forward to summer and wearing those "skinny jeans" for the first time since 2005. Happy weight loss everyone!!!

Elizabeth, H. Waterville, Quebec.

No he sentido hambre y la dieta es facil de llevar.

Hola a todos, hoy se cumple mi 1 semana de tratamiento, he seguido el protocolo estricta y religiosamente siguiendo todas las indicaciones del protocolo, no he sentido hambre y la dieta es facil de llevar.

Giova Morlock

Don't waste your money buying more expensive hCG! This one really works!!!

I know that there are other hCG drops, but I had great success with this ones from PAYLESS4hCG. I followed the diet protocol and took these drops 6 times a day. Even though I gained 5 pounds from gorging, I lost that plus 10 pounds in 10 days!

I can't say whether these drops are better quality than others, but I had a great shopping experience with PAYLESS4hCG, and with the free diet outline and link to the book by Dr. Simeons, you can't beat it. I would rather spend $59.00 on this than hundreds from my local clinic, or buy from another site that I don't trust.

Veronica K. Vaughan, Ontario.

Este metodo es mas seguro y economico, adelante. (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Llevo 16 dias en la fase uno, he rebajado 26 lbs, estoy muy satisfecho, aun me falta otro tanto, les recomiendo este tratamiento que esta bien soportado cientificamente, no hambre, no ansiedad, reeducacion tanto de habitos como metabolismo y una nueva figura con gran confianza y autoestima. Para qué las cirugias riesgosas si este metodo es mas seguro y economico, adelante.

Camilo Gonzalez, COLOMBIA

Caution: Do this diet if you want to lose serious weight only! ; ) (Taken from our Facebook page)

I wasn’t going to post anything here but I was encouraged to do it by my wife. She reasoned that I would be helping some fellows or gals that might be rather cautious or even doubtful about this HCG stuff.

I have to let you know that the HCG Diet is the easiest diet to do! It would pay by itself in no time since you will be spending a lot less going out to eat. At least that was my case. I lost a total of 32 lbs in 30 days using the Pellets Ultimate from Payless4HCG and I’m extremely happy with the results. They definitely worked on me! Caution: Do this diet if you want to lose serious weight only! ; )

Henry P. Seatle, WA

He bajado 5.5 en la 1 semana decanso. (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Hola a todos hoy estoy en 2 semana de descanso y tadavia sigo bajando he bajado 5.5 en la 1 semana decanso no esta mal ya casi llego a 130 lbs lo q' queria llegar.

Jacqueline Mejia

This is truly the most amazing diet I have ever been on!

I would like to share with everyone a weight loss program that is like no other, one that breaks all the rules we have learned to be true about dieting. I lost 35 pounds in 35 days. And I have not gained one pound back! In-fact I have lost a few more, because my metabolism is working more efficiently and my body burns more calories today than twenty years ago.

I found I had increased energy while dieting, and it allowed me to follow the plan without feeling tired, hungry, or fatigued. My mood was happy and always up (it is believed that hCG produces endorphins in the brain causing us to be in a good mood. I lost four dress sizes, and am now wearing a size I never thought I could wear.

I can eat more now than before the diet, without gaining any weight, this is something of a new experience. This is an amazing diet program with no side effects (the homeopathic drops are so diluted, compared with the concentrated injections). There are no dangerous stimulants, only natural energy, and it does what no other diet on the planet can do, it changes the hypothalamus and metabolism.

Rose F. Hythe, Alberta.

Lo mejor de todo es no sentir hambre. (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Hola, hoy es mi dia 19 y he rebajado 14 lb., me hubiera gustado rebajar mas, pero me estanque 2 dias en la segunda semana, ahora creo que voy bien, al menos estoy contenta aunque mi meta son 40 lb. lo mejor de todo es no sentir hambre.

Elizabeth Lara Alvarez

HCG is a breeze compared to other diets.

As I type this, I am doing HCG for the 2nd time and this is my 21st day. Everyday I feel like I am hungry to the extent that one feels hungry a little bit before dinner. In other words like I am starting to get hungry. But I am no where near feeling as hungry as I have on the few other diets I have done. I have always preferred reduced calorie and exercise.
I have fasted many times in my life, most recently last year for 12 days. I know what hunger is. HCG is a breeze compared to other diets.

If you want to lose weight fast, I cannot imagine why anyone would do any other diet.

David Ellett Gilbert, Arizona

Ni gota de hambre e hice una caminata de 40 minutos. (Tomado de nuestra página en Facebook)

Leysi Alonso

40 lbs in 60 days...both my wife and I

Yep, that's right -- we both used this formulation sold here, and the scales don't lie. As for me, I went from 219.6 to (today) 179.2 in 50 days.

So, to all you nay-sayers, including "medical professionals" (who say hCG is bogus) and hCG purveyors (who say homeopathic hCG [hhCG] is bogus), I say go down to the local thrift store where all my old clothes now reside. Talk to the people at church or work who stop me nearly every day and compliment me for the weight loss. Doesn't work? hahaha my 40 lbs in 50 days prove otherwise.

OK, you might be saying, "Great, I'm glad it worked for him. But he's just one person." True, I am. So is Candace, Char, Cynthia, Joe and Holly. All of us have used this formulation, and lost weight on it! These aren't fake testimonials; I've seen the weight loss on these people with my own eyes, and do not lie. :0)

Do yourself a favor: Save some money. Read and stick to Dr. Simeons' protocol, give this formulation a fair try, and be prepared to buy some new (thinner) clothes soon!

PAYLESS4hCG, thanks for helping to improve my life and the life of my wife. My friends, too. Thanks for being there for us with solid answers, generosity and real results!

Luis & Penelope R. Miami Lakes, Florida.

The product works GREAT!

I have been on the hCG Protocol for 18 weeks now. I have lost 54 pounds. I have stuck to the diet minus the toast. I know this is too much information for some but for others they really want to know so here goes. Yes I have had my period and yes it was a full flowing one. No, it did not interrupt my weight loss and my period came right on time. Yes I did take the HCG drops before my period was scheduled. And finally yes I did take the drops during all my heavy flow days. For me, the drops did not affect my period or my weight loss.

I did have a light headache for two days after beginning the drops but that went away. I haven't been crabby or cross. It is a very strict diet. It works if you stick to it. I got the guide to go along with it and it has been a great help. If you really are serious about losing weight this product is for you!

Tatiana M. Austin, Texas.

I have found this protocol to be the best 'diet' ever!

It helps us lose the weight that we've been unsuccessful at for a long time AND...It teaches us a better way of eating habits for life! I lost 24 pounds; my mom, sis, and brother in law are all in the middle of the diet and have lost 25, 20, and 30 pounds! It is a great protocol...and we should all use what works for us!

Miguel B. Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Look at me now!!!

Where do I start? Definitely a picture is worth a thousand words! I started my HCG journey with a little skepticism even though a close friend of mine recommended this miracle diet after having great success with it herself. I thought that it wouldn't work for me as well as it did for her but boy was I wrong! A few months later passed and you can clearly see the wonderful results I experimented. One piece of advice: Don't deviate from the protocol, it just works!!!

Maureen Albrecht, Charlotte, NC.

It does work!

I used this hCG for three weeks then was able to keep my calorie intake to a level that allowed me to continue to lose. I didn't lose as much as they said BUT I didn't follow their recommended food list. Thanks for the helping hand. I'll start to do it perfectly now!

Victor M. West Palm Beach, Florida.

Your HCG Plus is truly a miracle!

I’m 36 years old and next to God and my family, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I started hCG on my birthday, October 8th and have lost 18 pounds in 9 days. If anyone has doubts about ordering, let me tell you that you won’t be sorry. It really works, and several people that have seen me during the week have already ordered from you guys!

Kathy G. Chicago, Illinois.

I lost 71 pounds!

I lost 71 pounds! I am taking a break before I lose my last 15 pounds. I'll send you guys a before and after picture in a few more days. Thank you for all!

Luisa S. Houston, Texas.

I love the HCG diet!

I love the hCG diet! I started with 295 lbs and after a few months I ended up with 169 lbs!
Losing 126 lbs wasn't that bad after all! Mostly if I compare the hCG diet with all the other diets that I did before with unsatisfactory results.

Julian A. San Antonio, Texas.

The first 28 days I dropped 30 pounds. It was amazing!

I started the hCG diet program about 9 weeks ago. I followed everything by the book. The first 28 days I dropped 30 pounds; it was amazing! Every morning I woke up being shocked on how much better I looked.

I was losing weight that I never could get rid off before. I'm not a person who can follow diets very well but not only did I lose weight (for me it was pretty much one pound per day) but my skin looked better also. My family told me I had a healthy glow and that made me happy.

The diet is pretty low calories and at first I didn't think that would be enough food to survive on (I'm an eater AND Italian!) :)

I am still pleased with this program and now I'm on my 6th week and I have DROPPED 40 Pounds!!!
I honestly say this is by far the best program I have ever done and I plan to do this until I reach my goal. My daughter just got on it and in 14 days so far she has dropped 16 pounds.

I totally understand about being skeptical of another diet, I have wasted so much money on other stuff and with the economy being not so hot I was worried about spending the money on this for myself, but I did it and I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, that I wish I found this stuff years ago! So much of life we miss out on when you feel too heavy to enjoy things like the beach, swimming pool parties, buying clothes that you actually want to wear, etc.

Luisa G. Tequesta, Florida.

Skeptical at first.

About 5 girls from my office decided to get the hCG injections a month ago from a doctor paying $800.00 EACH. I decided to do my own research on the internet and found y’all. I will admit, I was pretty darn skeptical at first, primarily because it was only $65.00 but ended up taking a chance anyways. Now, a month later, I have lost 5 pounds more than ANY of them who got the shot from their doctors! HA-HA.  You can be assured they will be buying their next round from you, not the doctor. Thank y’all!

Penelope H. Pueblo, Colorado.

Thank you!

I look and feel great! Losing 43 pounds in 6 weeks will do that!

Theresa M. Portland, Oregon.

I haven't felt any better for the last 20 years! Thank you!

I’m 37 years old and lost 30 pounds in my first round using this hCG. I have been able to maintain my weight so far and I'm anxious to do my next round in January. My children and husband say I look great! For the first time in 20 years, I’m able to buy regular size clothes instead of going to the "ladies" shops!

Lucy J. Hialeah, Florida.

I lost a total of 30 pounds, 18 inches, and went from a size 10 to 4 in just 43 days on the hCG Diet.

I was only able to lose 10 pounds in about a 4 month period on my own, without hCG. I hit a plateau and was unable to lose any more, no matter what I tried. I heard about hCG, decided to give it a try and whoala., my weight and inches started just melting away and I began to have an amazing amount of energy and just feel so much better.

I lost a total of 30lbs, 18 inches, and went from a size 10 to 4 in just 43 days on the hCG Diet. My percent body fat went from an obese 34 to a healthy 24! I eat healthier, and I am now maintaining my weight beautifully at 122. This diet was my miracle!

Kelli W. Sarasota, Florida.

The HCG Diet W O R K S! (Taken from our Facebook page)

For all of you still hesitant about crossing the fence and give a try to the HCG Diet I have just one word for you: DON’T

I started my diet journey back in January 2011 and lost 43 pounds in the first 6 weeks! I was hungry the first few days but Maria, from Payless4HCG advise me to take 2-3 more Pellets each time for the first week and the hunger quickly disappeared. I reached my goal a while back and I have to say that I have never felt better in my whole adult life. There are quite a few co-workers, friends and family members that got inspired by my results and started this diet and they are all having the same success I had. Thanks Carlos Marisel and Maria for all the help you gave me along the way!

Erik Palton, Bethesda, MD

I went 4 weeks of the hCG protocol and lost 32 lbs!

I am a 50 year old male, and have been carrying an extra 30 lbs. since my early 40's. I was also a smoker who recently quit. Within 2 months after quitting I put on an additional 15 lbs. That put me at 245 lbs!

I had tried to diet many times over the last few years, simply to lose a few pounds and then gain the weight right back again. I was frustrated because I was 45 lbs. over my ideal weight and just could not get the weight off! Plus most of my weight showed up on my belly, I was too embarrassed to take my shirt off and sit by the pool with my family.

I started the hCG diet using the oral homeopathic hcg drops and the weight started dropping off FAST!!! Occasionally I would get some hunger cravings, but they were nothing like when I tried to diet without the hCG.
When I was hungry between meals I snacked on raw vegetables and sometimes the allow raw fruit. My daily calorie intake was about 500 calories per day.

I went 4 weeks of the hCG protocol and lost 32 lbs. Then I took a four week break to see if the weight would come back as it had done so many times before. To my surprise I MAINTAINED THE WEIGHTLOSS!!!!! This was incredible, my desire for sweets had subsided and my metabolism and energy levels were that of my early twenties.

I am now on day five of my second homeopathic hCG diet routine and I have already lost another 3 lbs. I feel great, and best of all my belly fat is dramatically reduced. I can now feel great about spending time at the swimming pool with my family and friends!

Hector J. Oxford, North Carolina.

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