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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the HCG diet

Thousands of clients have lost weight with our HCG Diet. It Simply Works! You could be the next success story.

We’ve all tried diets in the past and know how difficult it can be to lose weight and keep it off. The HCG diet isn’t the newest fad, miracle cure, or food delivery service. In fact, the HCG diet has been around since the 1950's when the protocol was created by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons.

Simply put, the HCG hormone allows you to maintain a very low calorie diet (VLCD), while eliminating hunger pangs. The easy-to-take hormone allows your body to unlock stored fat around the midsection (hips, belly, bottom, and thighs) as well as the upper arms. We provide you with not only HCG, but the step-by-step specifics of the diet. You will know when to start, what to eat, how to track your progress, and all the information you need to safely transition off of the diet once you have reached your goal. We are always a phone, chat or e-mail away to further assist you anytime.

Buy HCG Plus Drops from a Trusted and Reliable source!

We have been helping our customers for over 3 years and were one of the first companies to offer HCG Drops online and to clinics and doctors all over the world.

We like to acknowledge the dedication of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons who developed this amazing miracle weight loss protocol.

Special thanks to Kevin Trudeau, author of the book "The Weight Loss Cure They Don't Want You to Know About" for bringing this diet to the general public.

This diet is for all of you out there, like me who has endlessly struggled to lose weight. You have finally found the answers you have been searching for!

I truly believe that this is the last diet you will ever need. This diet is for all of you who see the light at the end of the tunnel and are making the choice to lose weight and change your life FOREVER!

I wish you all the success in the world as you begin this amazing journey of transformation. I am sure that you will have as much success as I have experience as you go through this process and meet your weight loss goals.

Your life is about to change! Put the seat belt on now!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions

Order Processing and Delivery Times

We process orders Monday through Friday excluding major holidays. Orders that are placed before 3 PM EST are processed and shipped the same day. Delivery times vary by your location. U.S. orders typically arrive within 2-3 business days, Canadian orders ussually are received between 6-8 business days while international orders may take up to 10-15 business days. 




On this day you need to consume up to 5 apples during the day. This is done to offset any errors you have done while on the diet or you perhaps have reached a "plateau", ie become stagnant. You can start the day with an apple in the morning until the next morning.

Make sure you are not constipated, if you are, it’s better to actually take a natural remedy for it if possible. (Read the question and answer # 47).

While doing an apple day you should not consumed any other food, only water and apples. You should continue taking the HCG Drops Plus as usual.




It is a correction day and it is performed while on the 3rd Phase when 2 lbs or more are gained while on this phase. You shouldn’t allow yourself to increase your base weight with 2 lbs or more EVER…

Base weight: The weight you had at the end of phase 2.
Make sure you are not constipated, if you were, it’s actually better to take a natural remedy for this if possible. (Read the question and answer # 47).

On this day you can drink tea or coffee at breakfast and have no lunch. At dinner, please have a lean steak up to 14 ounces. It may be accompanied with a tomato if desired. You should keep drinking the recommended water during the day.

1 How does this program compare to other Diet programs? (As of November 2008)

2 What's the history of the HCG Diet?

Many people are surprised to learn that the history of HCG diets goes back almost sixty years. Although HCG diets have gained widespread attention only in recent years, the basic research behind these programs dates back to the 1950s, and it originated in India.

3 How many pounds can I lose using this Diet?

Most people lose weight quickly in the first few weeks, and then experience slightly slower (yet steady) results as they go along. Take into consideration than men, generally lose weight faster than women. It also depends on the weight and inches than you need to lose. The heavier you are, the most weight you will lose at first and then, 1 lb a day is the average. It’s important to weigh yourself regularly (same scale, same time of day, same clothes each time). Sometimes your weight will change, even in the same day, due to differences in fluids, hormones, and other factors.

Beyond pounds, notice how your clothes fit as you lose body fat and inches. Most importantly, check in with how you feel, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

4 Who should use this HCG Diet?

Anyone frustrated with past diets and is interested in losing more than 10 pounds safely and economically by eating natural and real food. The treatment works for almost everyone, young, old, male, female. You can use HCG if your BMI value is higher than 20. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new weight loss program.

5 What kind of food will I eat while doing the HCG Diet?

The foods that are allowed on the HCG diet are lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables. Sugars, starches, and oils are not allowed. By getting rid of these 3 items, your body will start to lose weight with the help of the HCG drops. The foods allowed on the HCG diet help your body metabolize them quickly, allowing for a greater weight loss. Anytime that something is eaten or used that is not allowed on the diet, people can experience a stall in their weight loss or even possibly a gain. When doing the HCG diet, it’s always best to be completely committed to the diet and your health.

The best thing for your body is the food listed on the protocol. Even once you enter maintenance, and of course after the diet is all done, it’s best to stick with a similar way of eating. You don’t have to starve yourself, and we would never recommend that you eat only 500 calories per day without HCG in your system.

To maintain your weight loss long term, we would recommend a diet rich in lean proteins, raw fruits, and raw vegetables. Even when using diet products such as diet sodas, our body can still gain weight, so it’s best to steer clear of diet products after the diet is over. It also would be a good idea to introduce a workout routine into your daily life. It doesn’t need to be a strenuous workout daily, but a nice 30-60 minute workout 3-5 times per week would be ideal.

When on the HCG diet, you can take the HCG for a minimum of 21 days up to 40 days depending on the total weight needed to lose.

6 What kind of salad dressings should I use?

Eating a salad is healthy, unless it’s topped with high calorie, high fat salad dressings that can easily add hundreds of calories. Instead, eat “The Walden Way” and enjoy a collection of 20 Walden Farms Calorie Free Salad Dressings. No calories, fat, carbs, gluten or sugars of any kind! Just made with delicious and fresh ingredients.


You can find out where they are sold near you by clicking here.

7 Does HCG change the shape of your body?

Many of the people that are using HCG to help them lose weight are finding that the hormone helps with the reshaping of their body’s as well. Unlike many weight loss programs that only help with losing weight, HCG appears to help contour the body and decrease the circumference of the body. HCG also helps tone common problem areas, such as reducing the amount of fat deposited in double chins and getting rid of pot bellies. HCG also appears to help rejuvenate structural fat, which helps make the hands, neck, and face look refreshed.

8 Can I exercise while on the HCG Diet?

Yes, exercise is permitted but not required. If you choose to exercise, keep your intensity level mild to moderate. Avoid strenuous activity. If you feel light headed, lower your intensity. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.

9 What kind of exercise can I do?

Walking, jogging, yoga, pilates, light resistance training, dancing, aerobics, etc. Be sure to keep your intensity level low, and if you feel light headed slow down. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise or diet program.

As you are burning fat for fuel (like you do while on the HCG Diet) toxins can build up in your system.  These toxins can lead to stalling and even small weight gains.  So in effort to help you maximize your weight loss, here are some tips on eliminating toxins from your body.

10 Any Detox ideas?

As you are burning fat for fuel (like you do while on the HCG Diet) toxins can build up in your system. These toxins can lead to stalling and even small weight gains. So in effort to help you maximize your weight loss, here are some tips on eliminating toxins from your body.

Use natural cleanses. Things like apple cider vinegar (ACV) and lemon juice will help remove toxins from your system. Use 2 tablespoons of ACV daily (diluted in 8-16 ounces of water or used as a dressing on your salad). Chunks of lemon in your water can help as well. Here are some other natural cleanse drinks you can try:

California Kicker – 8 oz hot water; ½ lemon juiced; a dash of cayenne pepper, stevia to take the edge off.

Detox Water – 3 quarts water; 2 lemons juiced; ½ cucumber sliced, 10-12 mint leaves. Fuse overnight and enjoy the next day.

Cinnamon Apple Detox Water – 2 liters water add two small apples cored and sliced and 2 cinnamon sticks. Let fuse overnight and enjoy the next day.

11 I'm a vegetarian. What can I eat?

You will eat the same veggies, fruits and crackers that are mentioned in the normal protocol. For protein, you will have skim milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, tofu and egg whites. You can also have white fish, if you utilize this protein in your vegetarian regimen.

12 Can I drink alcoholic beverages?

Avoid alcohol, even “low carb” versions, since alcohol adds non-nutritious calories, stimulates your appetite, and can deplete your body of water. Even one drink can slow your weight loss.

In the original HCG diet protocol by Dr Simeons, it does not mention or account for alcohol. It has been found that some HCG users whom have been drinkers or even those that are borderline alcoholic, do surprisingly well on the HCG diet and possibly get them out of their drinking routine. These users have even said that they don't even feel the need to drink while on the HCG diet because HCG works with the hypothalamus gland which also controls the emotional eating/ drinking part of the brain.

13 Can I use salt?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the use of salt, but be sure to read the ingredients on any seasonings you use to be sure they don't contain any added sugar.

14 What’s the dose amount?

There are no international unit equivalents in homeopathic preparations. Therefore, there is no equivalence to homeopathic dosing to prescription dosing. However, based on OUR experience with both injections and homeopathic HCG, the following is an approximation of the effectiveness of different dosages between the two methods. These are in no way scientific measurements, but rather how our clients reported feeling and progressing on the different forms of HCG.

30 drops per day = 125 IU per day
36 drops per day = 150 IU per day
42 drops per day = 175 IU per day
48 drops per day = 200 IU per day

15 When is the best time to start the HCG Diet?

Women: For best results, start the diet and drops right after the menstrual cycle.

16 Can Men Do The HCG Diet?

Yes. The HCG Diet is safe for men and women.

HCG is a natural hormone that is often associated with pregnancy, however most people don’t realize that HCG occurs in both men and women, women just typically have higher levels. HCG is not the same as estrogen and therefore it will not affect your body the way estrogen would.

The amount of HCG in our HCG Plus drops is minimal enough that it will not affect your hormone levels, but it does contain enough to release stored fat that is burned for energy during the diet.

We have seen amazing results when men do the HCG diet. When male clients follow the protocol, they tend to lose weight more quickly than women because men tend to have a higher rate of metabolism than women. We have had clients lose up to 2 pounds per day with HCG Plus drops.

17 Are there any age restrictions for the HCG Protocol?

Dr. Simeons gives no age restrictions or requirements in the Protocol. He does warn that teenage girls may experience fluctuations in their menstrual cycle up to and including no cycle while taking the HCG.

18 Will the HCG Diet Instructions be included with my order?

Yes. Everything listed below is included.

You will receive for FREE this info-pack valued at over $75

Step by step instructions guide on how to follow the diet
 Guideline to keep the weight off PERMANENTLY
500, 800 and 1200 Calorie Diets. Which one is right for you?
HCG Diet Recipes ebook
HCG Diet Recipes ebook II (New)
How to tone your muscles and speed up weight loss on The HCG Diet
"Lose 30 Pounds in 30 Days" audio book
Unlimited phone, chat and email support
Dr. Simeons ebook "Pounds and Inches: A new approach to obesity"
Newsletters with Success tips, Plateau breakers and much more...
Grocery shopping list with the food's caloric content
Success Secrets
HCG Diet Menu
HCG Diet Safety Guide
Total Pounds & Inches tracker tool to keep daily stats
7 Days HCG Diet Plan Menu
9 Critical Mistakes participants make when transitioning to the maintenance phase
8 Critical mistakes nearly everybody makes when cooking while on the low calorie phase
5 Critical mistakes participants make during the very low calorie phase
Top 4 Reasons for Failure with the HCG Diet
Approved Seasoning List

19 Is it safe to buy online?

Yes. Once you click on our purchase page, you are taken to a highly secured checkout page that is encrypted and protected with up to a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption. If you prefer not to disclose your payment information online, you may call us to place an order at (888) 502-5729. We don't retain your payment information as soon as the order is processed to avoid double billing or unauthorized re-orders.

20 Do you store my credit card information?

Only enough details necessary for us to verify that you have made a payment for one of our products, how much you paid and when, and whether the authorisation was successful. The card number/expiry date/issue number are instantly discarded after we receive the authorization and transaction details result.

21 How long will a 2 ounce bottle last?

A 2 ounce bottle of premium HCG from us will easily perform a 30 day program.

22 How long does shipping take?

All orders will be shipped same day, Monday - Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on the following Monday. You will receive an email with a delivery confirmation number that will allow you to track your order. Orders usually take 2-4 business days to be delivered.

23 The cure for obesity

Treating obese patients, Dr. Simeons discovered that by administering low doses of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG), a water-soluble hormone produced by the fetus during gestation and present in the urine of pregnant women, patients actually began utilizing fat instead of lean muscle tissue when fed a calorie-restricted diet.

What has been discovered since that time is that HCG is responsible for the regulation of the hypothalamus gland, which controls metabolism and the use of bodily resources such as fat. While all persons are born with an abundant supply of HCG, this is depleted by adulthood. Replacement of HCG corrects the imbalance and reprograms the hypothalamus to use fat stores when caloric intake is reduced.

24 Is HCG Safe?

HCG is extremely safe. Women may experience very high levels during pregnancy with no adverse affects. HCG has been used for weight loss for 50+ years, so there is plenty of evidence to back up its safety. As with any diet we recommend that you consult with a doctor before starting this diet.

25 Are there any side effects?

There are NO side effects with our HCG Diet Drops used for weight loss. Very few dieters experience slight headaches or dizziness for the first few days but this is extremely rare and mild. This is not caused by a lack of food or nutrition or the HCG itself, this mainly occurs because the first week of the diet you lose the most fat the fastest and this fat has a lot of toxins in it. These toxins are released into your body so they can be properly disposed mostly on your urine. This process of eliminating these toxins usually takes only 2-3 days. If you can't handle the light headache, you can take Tylenol or aspirin. Please drink as much water as possible to flush the toxins out quickly. Any headache, dizziness, etc. that persists or lasts longer than 7 days needs to be evaluated by a health care profesional. You can also take Vitamin C to lessen those effects if you do experience them.

26 What sets your HCG Plus product apart from the rest?

You will not find this product being sold by other companies; it is a proprietary formula using more expensive quality ingredients in addition to pure HCG that truly works. Our unique formula has many advantages like added natural appetite suppressants, energy supplements and more to help optimize this diet to the fullest. Customers report to us on a daily basis that they really do feel much better and have less hunger issues on this formula compared to the other formulas available on the market. Our HCG formula drops may not always have the lowest price on the market, but it does have the highest quality for sure.

27 What are HCG Injections?

HCG injections are shots that you give yourself in your muscle tissue several times a day. This method of HCG delivery was adapted by Dr. Simeons as part of his original diet protocol. At the time, this was the most effective means of restoring HCG levels in the body.

HCG Drops works completely different than injections. The HCG drops create a very potent product that works by providing the biological signal to your body. The potentization process allows the product to be very effective without the side effects of injections.

28 What is the difference between HCG drops and HCG injections?

HCG drops are taken under the tongue and directly absorbed into the body. Our HCG does NOT require a prescription. HCG injections must be prescribed by a doctor and are administered by a shot into muscle tissue. You will have the same results when using the HCG Drops.

29 What is homeopathic HCG?

To understand what it is, you must know the meaning of homeopathic medicine first. It is a powerful medicine wherein in the original medicine gets more powerful as it is diluted. The medicine ends up losing its original content, but becomes more potent.

30 What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine in which practitioners use highly diluted preparations. Homeopathy was first proposed by German physician Samuel Hahnemann in 1796, based on an ipse dixit axiom formulated by Hahnemann, which he called the law of similars, preparations which cause certain symptoms in healthy individuals are given in diluted form to patients who already exhibit similar symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by serial dilution with shaking by forceful striking, which homeopaths term succussion, after each dilution under the assumption that this increases the effect. Homeopaths call this process potentization. Dilution often continues until none of the original substance remains. Apart from the symptoms, homeopaths use aspects of the patient's physical and psychological state in recommending remedies.

Homeopathic reference books known as repertories are then consulted, and a remedy is selected based on the totality of symptoms.
Homeopathic remedies are, with rare exceptions, considered safe[8] though homeopathy has been criticized for putting patients at risk due to advice against conventional medicine such as vaccinations, anti-malarial drugs, and antibiotics.

Homeopathy's efficacy beyond the placebo effect is unsupported by the collective weight of scientific and clinical evidence.
Depending on the dilution, homeopathic remedies may not contain any pharmacologically active molecules, and for such remedies to have pharmacological effect would violate fundamental principles of science.

Modern homeopaths have proposed that water has a memory that allows homeopathic preparations to work without any of the original substance; however, there are no verified observations, nor scientifically plausible physical mechanisms for such a phenomenon.

31 Would homeopathic HCG work as good as the injections?

Fact: Literally hundreds of thousands of medical doctors and health practitioners with an education, already know the power of integrating homeopathic solutions. Many have completely switched from HCG injections to homeopathic HCG. Why? Because it works!

Homeopathy is a 1st class form of medicine used worldwide. The science dates back to the 1700's. The FDA has been regulating the manufacture of homeopathic medicine similar to that of pharmaceuticals since 1938. The science behind a homeopathic tincture is to minimize the physical content of a substance that is reactive to the body, while potentizing the body's reaction to the biological signature of the substance through succussion and dilution of the substance.

This makes homeopathic remedies much safer than their pharmaceutical counterparts. That is why the FDA allows homeopathic remedies to be sold over the counter without a prescription.

32 Why do the homeopathic drops do not show positive on a pregnancy test? I have read in so many places that since it's a pregnancy hormone it should show positive. But a couple people have posted that they tried it and it shows "not pregnant". If the homeopathic drops are "real" HCG, then why is this happening?" 

The reason Homeopathic HCG drops will not show a positive on a pregnancy test is because of the way homeopathic products are produced. They function on the theory of "like heals like" and that a very small amount of the active ingredient brings about change. True homeopathic products, when tested in a lab, will come back negative for the active ingredient because the amount is so small it can't be measured in lab tests. This has baffled the AMA because time and time again homeopathic products fail in the lab but are very successful when put to work in the human body. 

It is also important to know that homeopathics work on frequency of dose NOT amount of dose. This is why taking fewer drops more frequently gives better results than taking more drops less often. To better explain...if you drank the entire bottle of homepathic drops it would be the equivelant of taking one dose. This is why homeopathics are safe for pregnant women and infants. It is also why you rarely see a homeopathic product with a safety lid. 

33 My friend lost weight with the HCG injections, will the oral HCG drops work the same?

While the Homeopathic HCG drops are as effective as the injections there are a few differences. The Homeopathic HCG drops should be used for no less than 21 days but can be continued for as long as 60 days before taking a break. There is no need to take a weekly break nor is it necessary for women to stop taking oral HCG during the menstrual cycle. While it is not necessary to refrigerate, many find the refrigerator a safe place to store their bottles. Because refrigeration is not necessary, homeopathic HCG is easy to take wherever you may need to go.

34 Should I increase the dose if I'm hungry?

If there is a need to increase dose past 12 drops, 3 times daily, we recommend adding a frequency instead of one more drop each time. So basically, we would have someone change to 12 drops, 4 times daily first and then add drops if necessary to the new dosing frequency. Is best to do that because homeopathic remedies work on frequency of dose NOT amount of dose". Increasing frequency increases the concentration of the dose to a more potent concentration. In a few days, when the hunger disappears, please resume to take 12 drops, 3 times a day or 6 drops, 6 times a day.

35 What will reset the hypothalamus gland better, the shots or drops?

The hypothalamus gets reset along with the metabolism by using the HCG for 20 consecutive days without cheating - regardless of whether the method used is by shot or drop. There is no added ingredient in the HCG shots that do this. It is just the way the HCG works in the body - just another reason to stick to the HCG Diet without cheating!

36 What is Oral HCG?

Oral HCG, is also known as sublingual HCG drops.These drops are placed under the tongue using an oral syringe or droper a few times a day.

37 Which method is safer?

Both methods of obtaining HCG are safe as long as they are purchased through a reputable source. However, HCG injections are more difficult to obtain: they must be procured from a doctor's prescription or obtained from an overseas pharmacy. HCG oral drops are available without a prescription from manufacturer labs based here in the US.

38 Which method is cheaper?

Oral HCG is definitely the winner here. Because HCG shots must be obtained either through a prescription or else shipped from overseas, they are costly and time-consuming to obtain. On the other hand, HCG drops are available locally and without a prescription. A single ounce of the homeopathic remedy will last for 2 weeks.

39 Which method is most effective?

Good news for the needle-shy: the HCG Drops have been proven just as effective as HCG injections. In fact, a study of dieters who switched from HCG shots to oral HCG found just as much weight loss, higher energy levels, and less hunger between meals than when the dieters were taking injections. Part of this may also be because dieters are more compliant with the oral drops than the injections: they are cheaper, easier to get, and virtually pain-free to take. The HCG drops are an easy and equally effective alternative.  Thousands of people have done both methods and report no difference, either in the experience or their results. Another upside to the drops is that you can take them for longer periods of time, which results in more weight loss for every round of the protocol you do.

40 How can I only survive on 500 calories a day?

HCG releases 1500 to 4000 calories (from your stored fat) with the additional 500 calories that you are eating is equal to a 2000 to 4000 calorie diet which is why people do not feel hungry while on the HCG Diet.

41 Wouldn't I lose 1 to 2 pounds without HCG if I was eating only 500 calories?

If you attempted to lose weight by only eating 500 calories it would eventually back fire because your body would think that you were starving and would begin to store additional fat.

42 How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss varies between ½  pound and 1.5 pounds per day, with the average loss being 1 pounds per day. You can actually lose between 8-14 lbs just on the 1st week. You will continue losing up to 1 pound daily afterwards. It all depends on the amount of lbs needed to be lost. The heavier you are, the faster the weight will come off. Men tend to lose more and a litlle fater than women on average.

43 Is it healthy to lose 1-2 pounds a day with HCG?

While losing 1-2 pounds daily without the use of HCG would be unhealthy, the HCG in fact changes this. You lose fat and the weight loss comes directly from this fat loss and does not strip the body.

44 Can I see a sample of what to eat in a regular day while on the HCG Diet?

Click here to see a what you would eat on a typical day.

45 If this protocol is so safe and effective why hasn't my doctor told me about it?

Medical schools and postgraduate medical education programs do not teach this protocol. Part of the reason are the numerous poorly conducted research studies that sought to mislead the medical community and the public in general.

If this protocol were to become well known and recommended on a large scale one may expect the following:

A drastic reduction in the demand for pharmaceutical and surgical management of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other diseases that are linked to obesity.

In general, a sharp reduction in demand for a medical industry that uses drugs and surgery to mask symptoms instead of treating the underlying causes.

Wouldn't you think that everyone would enthusiastically welcome this? It would change the lives of millions! However, there are industries and organizations that are now capitalizing on sickness that would see a decrease in influence and profitability if this were to happen.

46 How long can I be on the diet?

Always take into consideration that 40 Days (60 days in some cases) on the HCG diet is the maximum amount of time you should be on the diet at one single time. If you need to lose more weight, you will have to take a 6 weeks break from taking the drops or pellets while on a modified diet. After those 6 weeks, you can resume with the original diet and the drops to start losing weight and inches again. This break is necessary due to the fact that your body will become immune to the effects of the HCG.

47 What if I get constipated while on the diet?

The HCG Diet could affect regularity in passing stools to some people (constipation). But if you have occasional, infrequent bouts, you probably don’t need to take any medicines or see a doctor. Rather, your first step should be a more conservative approach that
involves (a) adjusting your eating habits to include more fiber-rich foods, (b) sticking to a regular bathroom schedule, and (c) not ignoring or putting off the urge to go. Let nature take its course even if the timing is not particularly convenient. Having said that, we like to inform you that you can use any natural remedy or mild laxative for the constipation as Cascara Sagrada, Smooth Move, Yogi Tea Herbal Tea, etc...

You can click on the images below to read some information about them out at drugstore.com

48 Of course being on a 500 calorie diet will help you to lose weight. How is the HCG protocol different from any other diet out there?

Dr. Simeons, the physician who developed the HCG Weight Loss Cure Protocol, wrote:

"When an obese patient tries to reduce by starving himself, he will first lose his normal fat reserves. When these are exhausted he begins to burn up structural fat, and only as a last resort will the body yield its abnormal reserves, though by that time the patient usually feels so weak and hungry that the diet is abandoned. It is just for this reason that obese patients complain that when they diet they lose the wrong fat. They feel famished and tired and their face becomes drawn and haggard, but their belly, hips, thighs and upper arms show little improvement. The fat they have come to detest stays on and the fat they need to cover their bones gets less and less. Their skin wrinkles and they look old and miserable. And that is one of the most frustrating and depressing experiences a human being can have".

To rephrase Dr. Simeons:

The HCG allows your body to tap into your body's abnormal fat deposits (shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, and buttocks). In obese clients, these deposits are not usually accessible to the body until the person has gone through both his normal fat and structural fat as described above. This is the reason why no matter how much some people exercise and starve him/herself, they still have, for example, a big butt. The HCG coupled with the very low calorie diet allows these abnormal fat deposits to be tapped into, released into the blood stream and used by the body similar to how a pregnant woman who is nauseous for weeks at a time typically remains relatively healthy and is additionally able to give birth to a healthy baby.

This release of fat/calories into the blood stream is also why clients taking the HCG are generally not hungry and generally have plenty of energy. The HCG actually releases 1500-4000 calories per day into the bloodstream. This is the ONLY reason why it is okay to be on a 500 calorie diet. Without the HCG releasing the abnormal fat and, therefore, many calories into the bloodstream, the client would look haggard, be starving, and be facing excess nutritional deficiency.

Most diets begin weight loss by depleting your structural fat (that fat which cushions your organs) and your normal fat reserves. However, they are slow to affect the abnormal fat which is stored in your abnormal fat deposits (shoulders, upper arms, hips, thighs, and buttocks), which seem to have only one efficient key to unlock them: HCG.

Besides tapping into the abnormal fat deposits, HCG also proposes to affect your hypothalamus and your base metabolism. This protocol provides a detox and gives your entire system rest from the onslaught of food and drinks by allowing only a small amount of relatively healthy items to be processed in your body and your hypothalamus. Some experts feel this detox allows your hypothalamus to clear itself of the chemical build-up that could be preventing weight loss and re-establishes the natural functioning and hormone release of the hypothalamus.

49 How can the HCG diet help people with diabetes?

According to diabetes.org, diabetes affects 25.8 million people of all ages in the US; 18.8 million are diagnosed while 7.0 million are undiagnosed. That’s 8.3 percent of the US population that has Type 2 Diabetes. There are certain factors that increase your chance for Type 2 Diabetes including family history, race, age, inactivity, and of course weight. The more fatty tissue one has the more resistant the body’s cells become to insulin.The HCG diet can actually help prevent diabetes. Some of the best ways to prevent diabetes is to eat healthy, become active and of course, lose weight. With processed foods more accessible than ever, it makes it very difficult to eat healthy consistently without consuming a large portion of your time. Nobody necessarily enjoys reading labels or counting calories, but when it comes to health sometimes it needs to be done. With any diet, one will want to consult your physician before starting any new diet program.

The HCG diet has been around since the 1950s, and first gained popularity in Europe. The HCG diet helps  lose weight quickly and also helps keep it off while resetting the hypothalamus gland. Any person that has a BMI over 20 can use the HCG diet. While on the HCG diet, the dieter will eat healthy, whole foods that will help you establish new eating habits to help maintain your weight in the future.

50 What can I eat while on the HCG diet? Do I have to buy your diet food?

You will eat fresh and healthy food that you buy from the grocery store. We provide a very detailed list of the foods you can have while on the protocol. There is no program food or special diet food we require you to purchase from us. You will have 2 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 fruits and 2 cracker servings per day. Please check out the recipes our web site or the sample menu for a day.

It's all about normal healthy food that is easy to find at your local grocery store.

51 How do you obtain HCG?

HCG is harvested from the urine of pregnant women and it is 100% safe and free of any contaminants or infectious disease of any kind. It is extracted and purified to make a pharmaceutical grade HCG which can then be used for injections or for the purpose of making a homeopathic solution. Again, be careful when you buy HCG, some internet sites are selling animal based HCG instead of the real thing, hence their lower price.

52 Do I have to take vitamins while doing this diet?

Our soil is nutritionally depleted due to the use of pesticides, genetically modified seeds, and conventional farming practices, drastically reducing the amount of many vitamins and minerals once abundantly available to us. Having said that, we need to to advice you to take vitamin B12 every day (Not less than 1000 mcg's). This will increase your energy and increase your metabolism. Also a good Multi Vitamin helps, make sure it is sugar free and has no fat soluble ingredients like fish. Potassium is also good. Calcium/magnesium combo is also a good one to take.

53 What should I do before my HCG drops get here?

Read Dr. Simeons Protocol manuscript titled "Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity". Take notes, write down questions, contact us better understanding. The only 'dumb' question is the one that's never asked.

54 Does the HCG accelerate the metabolism?

It is thought that the HCG hormone kicks up the metabolism, signaling the body to burn stored fat. Following the diet plan your metabolism with operate over 30%--a much more efficient level to burn fat, rather than store it. HCG opens only the excess fat cells allowing excess fat to be burned. No other time in the human body does this happen, and so other diets often remove fat cells the body needs, causing us to lose in places we don't want to first, and finally where you need it. HCG burns the excess fat cells taking the needed fat, and literally sculpting the body, losing inches as well as pounds.

The HCG diet program addresses the core of the problem with weight gain. Most diets are for life, because when you reach your goal weight your hypothalamus (where you have a base weight set in the brain) thinks it needs to be at your pre weight loss weight, so it lowers your metabolism, switching it into a storing mode, and causing the body to gain the weight right back, and then some. In other diets the metabolism has not changed, and following the diet will continue to run at the same rate, which in most of us dieters has been found to be at only 8%.

55 Are there any clinical studies on the HCG Diet?

As you research the HCG Diet, you will find information on both sides of the issue regarding whether or not the HCG Diet works or if it's no more effective than a placebo. There have been numerous placebo-controlled, double-blind studies done over the years. Some of these studies concluded HCG does NOT work better than a placebo for weight loss when following a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) as prescribed by Dr. Simeons in his 'Pounds and Inches' manuscript.

Other studies, however, concluded that YES, the HCG Protocol does in fact significantly affect fat loss as Dr. Simeons found in his years of administering the protocol to thousands of patients.

It should be noted that ALL except one of these studies were conducted before 1991. Only one study has been performed in the past 18+ years, and that study concluded that the HCG Protocol works.

Doctors W.L. Asher, MD & Harold W. Harper, MD published their study, in the The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 1973.

From the Summary of the Asher & Harper study:

"The HCG group lost significantly more mean weight, had a significantly greater mean weight loss per injection, and lost a significantly greater mean percentage of their starting weight. The percentage of affirmative daily patient responses indicating "little or no hunger" and "feeling good to excellent" was significantly greater in the HCG group than in the placebo group. Additional investigation of the influence of HCG on weight loss, hunger, and well-being seems indicated."

A more recent placebo-controlled, double-blind study was conducted using an Oral formulation of HCG by Dr. Daniel Oscar Belluscio, M.D., Dr. Leonor Ripamonte, M.D and Dr. Marcelo Wolansky Ph.D:

This study concluded:

1) Female obese volunteers participating in a double blind study, and submitted to the administration of an oral presentation of HCG plus a VLCD, decreased specific body circumferences and skinfold thickness from conspicuous body areas more efficiently than Placebo+VLCD -treated subjects. Since a significant fat proportion from total body fat is subcutaneously located (50 to 65 percent, depending on sex and fat distribution), this HCG metabolic activity would result in a reduction of the total body fat mass, the main cause for obesity. We suggested that the combination of a VLCD and oral HCG could not only trigger clinically significant changes in subcutaneous fat stores but simultaneously decrease body weight and modelate body contour.

2) HCG oral administration proved to be a safe and effective procedure on obese treated volunteers. No side effects were observed in the course of the study. There are no reports in the literature regarding this administration route to compare our findings.

3) Compared to placebo treated subjects, volunteers managed with an oral administration of HCG coped more efficiently with daily irritating situations, were in a better mood, and handled home conflicts without stepping up family discussions. This study appears to contradict former conclusions on the issue of HCG and obesity. We attribute those differences to a different approach, including variables not assessed in former publications."

56 How long has HCG been used?

In the 1950’s, Dr. ATW Simeons began using small doses of HCG in obese patients to decrease appetite and observed weight loss and decreased inches around hips, thighs, buttocks and stomachs. It has continued to gain in popularity as a successful, natural approach to weight loss.

57 How does HCG work?

HCG is taken orally, under the tongue to be rapidly absorbed which allows a person to subsist more on their stored fat than on what they eat. It triggers the body to provide a constant flow of "food" received from the fat that your body is breaking down and using. That means burning 3500 to 4000 calories of stored fat and losing 1 to 2 pounds a day!

HCG weight loss studies have shown that weight lost following the Simeons protocol comes directly from adipose fat tissue rather than lean muscle.  In doing so, the weight lost comes directly from unhealthy fat and does not strip the body of much needed muscle, vitamins or minerals essential to maintain good health, while at the same time, releasing excessive amounts of fat-stored nutrients into the blood stream to be absorbed by the body.  For this reason, HCG dieters report a feeling and appearance of great health and marvel at the loss of negative health risks they had as an overweight individual.  

Clinical trials, double-blind studies, and many doctors, and patients' observations over the last fourty years prove that this protocol is completely safe, and absolutely works. Many patients, including members of royal families, celebrities, and the super wealthy families have used this protocol safely and achieved good results. You will be next to get dramatic results.

58 I am ready to start the load days, are there any foods off limits?

The purpose of the Load days is to eat foods that are high in fat. This tells your cells that there is an abundance of fat, so that when you start the VLCD days, your cells will be happy to release thousands of fat calories into your system for elimination; If you do not eat enough fat during the load days, your cells may go into starvation mode where instead of releasing excess fat, they hold onto it. You would likely also have an issue with hunger for at least the first week.

Aim for high fat foods, such as eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, fried foods, ice cream, cheesecake, etc. You will feel very full so be smart about it. For example, a loaded baked potato will fill you up, whereas you can get as much fat from a big bowl of ice cream and feel less stuffed. Starches and sugars aren't important - stick with the high fat foods and you'll be very happy with your results.

59 Should I start my HCG drops after my two load days?

The dosage of HCG must be started on the first morning of the first load day. This gives it two full days to integrate into the body so that the effects are present from the first day of VLCD.

60 How closely must we follow the food plan? Can I substitute one vegetable for another?

In a nutshell, NO SUBSTITUTIONS! Dr. Simeons spent many years researching an exhaustive number of food combinations, and the foods listed are the ones that gave the best and most consistent results. Some exceptions or adjustments may be allowed but these are to be made only by someone with complete understanding of the Protocol. Exceptions or adjustments made without this understanding may result in slowed weight loss or complete stall.

61 What if I gain weight as soon as I start eating more than 500 calories a day?

If this were to occur it would be necessary to complete a 'Steak Day'. During Maintenance 1 and 2, a steak day is used to
correct any weight gain of 2 pounds or more from the last day of taking HCG. The steak day MUST be done on the same day that the second pound is gained or it will not be effective and could be counter-productive. This is why weighing every single morning during maintenance is non-negotiable.

62 Can I have diet soda while I am on the VLCD?

No! Diet soda contains various forms of chemically produced sugar. Drinking them will definitely impede weight loss.
You CAN have natural sparkling mineral water like Perrier, and you'll find many recipes on our website that use Capella Flavor Drops and Liquid Stevia Drops to make it taste just like diet soda.

63 1959 vs 2011 Separating Calories from Nutrition

The average nutritional value of produce found at your grocer today has fewer, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals then produce back in 1959. Soil depletion, over harvesting, genetic engineering and a host of herbicides and pesticides have changed the nutrition value of our foods. Today you simply cannot get the RDA of vitamins and minerals from a 500 calorie per day diet while limited to Simeons' diet protocol written in 1959. Even though your body will break down fat through catabolism in an effort to sustain the body, the toxins and waste stored in those fat cells require adequate daily hydration in order to be flushed from your system. That's the reason we highly recommend taking multi-vitamins and minerals while on the diet.

64 Will I lose muscle tissues?

With this diet you won't experience muscle loss or sagging skin, on the contrary. You will only be burning the fat stored on your body. Without the help of HCG, a diet consisting of this few calories can results in a loss of muscle mass. Those on HCG, however, do not experience this side effect. In addition, the hormone appears to actually reduce the appetite, which makes it easier to adhere to the 500 calorie diet.

65 Three Types of Fat

Dr. Simeons documented three types of fat in the human body. The first type of fat is called "structural fat" which fills the gaps between various organs, a sort of packing material. It is very necessary to function in a normal and healthy way.

The second type of fat is a normal reserve of fuel upon which the body can freely draw when the nutritional income from the intestinal tract is insufficient to meet the demand. Such normal reserves are localized all over the body. Fat is a substance which packs the highest caloric value into the smallest space so that normal reserves of fuel for muscular activity and the maintenance of body temperature can be most economically stored in this form. Both these types of fat, structural and reserve, are normal, and even if the body stocks them to capacity this can never be called obesity.

But there is a third type of fat which is entirely abnormal. It is the accumulation of such fat, and of such fat only, from which the overweight patient suffers. This abnormal fat is also a potential reserve of fuel, but unlike the normal reserves it is not available to the body in a nutritional emergency. It is, so to speak, locked away in a fixed deposit and is not kept in a current account, as are the normal reserves.
It is this third type of fat, "Abnormal Fat," that HCG Lean Plus targets and burns as energy!

66 What is the science behind HCG for weight loss?

Dr. Simeons dedicated his life to researching obesity. He concluded that obesity was a disorder like most medical issues people suffer from. This is the reason why some people can eat as much as they want of whatever they want and they will not gain weight. His discovered that weight gain and, more directly, each person's metabolic rate, were a function of the Hypothalamus Gland, which is the part of the brain that dictates how much fat your body will burn for energy and how much fat will be stored for future use as energy.

Most diets that include rigorous exercise will help you lose weight and fat. But, as soon as you return to your pre-diet routine, the weight gain will return and will be rapid. Dr. Simeons knew this should not be and so he dedicated his life to figuring out a way to "reset" your brain and metabolic rate. What in the world does that mean?

It means that the HCG Plus Diet Plan will reset your brain and teach your body to burn fat like a "skinny" person burns calories. The HCG reprograms your brain and teaches your body to burn ABNORMAL FAT reserves. It leaves the healthy fat alone and targets the excess build up.

When you are done, your body will burn calories much more efficiently and will stop storing so much of your caloric intake as fat reserves. In essence, your body will learn that it doesn't need to store fat away for future use. You'll begin burning calories like a "skinny" person burns calories.

67 Why are pregnant women not skinny if it is a hormone produced by them?

HCG is a natural hormone found in large amounts in pregnant women. It works by tapping into the abnormal fat reserves to provide fuel for both mother and baby. But pregnant women generally consume enough calories for energy, therefore eliminating any need for the body to tap into those abnormal fat reserves. For weight loss, a very low calorie diet of all the right foods is used to trigger HCG to help rid the body of fat.

68 Do I need to follow the low 500 calorie diet to be successful?

Yes you do! Dr. Simeons' plan works every time. It was developed over decades of clinical research with thousands and thousands of patients. I will email you a simplified, easy to understand, guide to use as you progress through the plan.

HCG causes your hypothalamus to mobilize the fat out of the fat storage locations so that it's available for use. While you are only consuming 500 calories, your hypothalamus is continually releasing the fat stored in your body. Because of this, your body is actually operating on thousands of calories a day. The result is that your body burning thousands of calories from fat from your body each day, the reason HCG dieters lose 1-2 pounds of fat or more, per day.

69 Will I be hungry on the low calorie diet?

You should comfortably go about your daily activities while on a diet of only 500 Calories per day. During the first few days on the diet, you might experience some mild hunger pains. But by the second week, the HCG is circulating regularly in the body and is consuming the abnormal fat, and your appetite will decrease and hunger will be satisfied with the smaller calories consumed. This is partly due to your hypothalamus adjusting your metabolic rate, but largely due to the amount of calories circulating in your system from the fat being released.

70 What is the hypothalamus gland?
The hypothalamus gland moderates the thyroid, adrenals, fat storage, and more importantly, your metabolic rate.

Remember, this is science. It is not guesswork. The HCG Plus diet plan works 100% of the time if you follow it!
All of the food on the plan is stuff you probably already eat and things you can find at just about any grocery store.
I will also be emailing you Tips and Tricks and Pitfalls To Avoid Guide to help you reach your goals!

71 Who is Dr. Simeons?

Dr Simeon developed his weight loss plan in the 1950's and passed away in 1970. His original plan called for HCG that was injected into your stomach. With medical advances Homeopathic HCG is now available. Many people who have switched from injectable HCG to Homeopathic HCG have actually done better on the Homeopathic Drops.

Not All HCG are Created Equal

Our HCG Plus drops are produced right here in the U.S.A. in FDA Regulated GMP Certified laboratories. The key to the quality of this product is the "hand processing."

This formula has been manufactured using hand succession (shaking). Many modern facilities use automated machinery to process their formulas, but the delicate matrix of the homeopathic can be damaged by the strong electromagnetic fields created by automated machinery. Hand processing is more expensive and time consuming but produces a superior product. Hand succession is considered the only "true homeopathy". 

72 Do you have NDC codes from the FDA?

No. The FDA does not regulate the naturopathic and homeopathic industries. They do, however, require that the production facilities meet FDA Standards. These standards are referred to as GMP Standards. There are those facilities which are considered GMP Standardized, which is the basic requirement. Then there facilities that are GMP Certified, a much more lengthy and expensive process to go through with the FDA. Our HCG Plus drops are manufactured in FDA CERTIFIED facilities.

You can contact the FDA directly at 301-796-3400 to confirm that NDC Codes are not required for homeopathic remedies. You can also click the following link for more information from the FDA's website:


73 Is this legal? Is a prescription required? Is this a prohibited drug under F.D.A. regulations?

Yes it is legal. No prescription is required. There is no F.D.A. approved prescription drug for ORAL HCG DROPS. You cannot even obtain a prescription for oral HCG drops. Furthermore, congress passed a law in 1938 declaring that ALL homeopathic remedies are to be regulated by the FDA in the same manner as nonprescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, which means that they can be purchased without a physician’s prescription.


74 Do these drops have an appetite suppressant?

These HCG Plus drops contain amino acids that greatly help suppress your appetite and aid in the weightloss process. I get emails from people every day that tell me they purchased a different brand and they are starving.

This is because the brand they purchased did not contain amino acids to help curb their hunger. None of the cheaper brands of HCG contain these amino acids. Once they change to HCG Plus they are successfully losing weight and are no longer starving.

75 Are there any preparations required to start with the HCG Diet Protocol?

The most important preparation you can do is to mentally make the decision to follow the diet.  You must stay on the diet for it to work.  The great news is that in 30 days you could lose as much as 30 pounds.  A totally new you!  The only thing you have to do is to follow the protocol. 

For the first two days of your program, you are asked to eat normal, including such foods as chocolate, fried foods, pork rinds and bacon, bread and butter.  This is a very important step of the program because it prepares the body for the weight reduction program.  This also allows time for the HCG to take effect and cut your appetite so that you may bypass any possibility of suffering from hunger pangs.

Your actual weight loss protocol will begin on day three.  It is at this point you MUST adhere to the prescribed program without deviation. 

Consuming more food than prescribed or consuming foods that are not allowed will only result in an immediate weight gain.  It is also essential that should you deviate, you return immediately to the stated diet plan.  This deviation will cause some weight gain so make sure and stay on the diet as written below.

Fluids are critical to the success of this program.  You must drink a minimum of 100 ounces of water daily.  This is about 10 to 12 glasses of water every day.  


76 Will I keep the weight off?

Yes... if you follow the 6 week maintenance diet you will have successfully reset your hypothalamus! Weight maintenance was not an issue for patients that had undergone the HCG Diet plan. Particularly compared to those who simply went on highly restrictive diets without HCG. HCG regulates the metabolism, correcting what  initially caused the obesity.

After the HCG diet, you will find your appetite has decreased, your eating behavior will be dramatically altered and your body will, of course, have changed. This is the perfect opportunity to adopt that healthy lifestyle to maintain your weight. You will find a minimum amount of exercise will be sufficient for maintaining a very healthy body- from yoga, to 15 minutes of cardio a day, or whatever you enjoy, that keeps you're your heart moving. With your hypothalamus reset, your metabolism will be different and you will be able to eat moderately without feeling the need to overeat. Amongst the people who have tried this program, 75 to 90% have had hardly any or no difficulty maintaining their new, ideal weight.

77 Is HCG safe for men and women?

HCG is very safe for men! Often men seem to have better results and lose weight faster than women! The HCG hormone is naturally present in men. It is found in every human tissue, including males, pregnant and non-pregnant women.

78 What If I have ongoing questions?

We pride ourselves on meeting the personal needs of anyone who buys from us. We have personally used this product and we are here for the long-haul with you. If you have questions, just let us know. We try to answer all emails during the day within a couple of hours. Emails received overnight and on some weekends will be answered first thing the next business morning.

79 I've had great success using your drops and diet guide, can I send you a testimonial?

We would love to hear about your success. Simply send us your testimonial. Upon receipt we will send you a coupon good for a 25% discount on a future purchase. We would also like to see your before &  after photos. We will send you a 50% discount coupon for submitting before & after photos. Please note photos may be published on our web site. We will not post your full name without permission.

80 Why can’t I eat foods with sugar and starches?

Sugar stimulates insulin and insulin turns sugar into fat.  You will add more fats for your body to burn which will delay reaching your goals.  Starches work as a sponge causing tremendous weight gain.  Stay away from starches.

81 What kind of gum or breath freshener can be used?

Ice breakers, Trident, Spry Green Tea Gum, Peelu or any other Brand as long as Xylitol is the sweetener used instead of Aspartame.

82 What is Xylithol?

Xylitol is an all-natural sugar substitute derived from beets, birch tree bark, corncobs and other natural sources. It's as sweet as sugar but has 40% fewer calories. Unlike sugar, xylitol does not require insulin to be metabolized.

Right now, xylitol is used mostly in cookies, candies, cupcakes and other sweets developed for people who have diabetes. It's also sold in bags of crystals for baking. Because of its bacteria-killing properties, it is put into some oral care products, including Tom's All Natural and Biotene toothpastes.

It also is beginning to be used in a broad assortment of products intended for the general public. Among them: Jello sugar-free puddings and a wide variety of sugar-free gums, including Trident, Orbit, Stride, Icebreakers and Altoids.


83 What harm can excess carbohydrates cause?

It is not the fat in the foods we eat but, far more, the excess carbohydrates from our starch- and sugar-loaded diet that is making people fat and unhealthy. If you or people in the family or friend circle are experiencing any of the below mentioned symptoms, the possibility is that may be the excess carbohydrates in your body is responsible for symptoms like gaining weight, fatigue and feeling sleepy all the time, depression, fog like feeling in the brain, low blood sugar, high blood pressure, etc.

It's a fact that we all need a certain amount of carbohydrates. The carbohydrates that we get through grains, potatoes, sweets and other starchy and sugary foods, is far too much than what we need. This excess carbohydrate simply gets converted, via insulin, into fat and gets stored in the adipose or fatty tissue.

The foods that are marketed to us are focused too much on bread, cereal, pasta, corn (for your information, corn is a grain not a vegetable), rice, potatoes etc. All these have grave consequences on our health. And as if all this was not enough already, most of these carbohydrates we consume or are marketed to us are also available in the form of highly processed food.

All this affects the insulin in our body. Insulin is a hormone, which stores the excess calories from carbohydrates in the form of fat. Finally, Insulin is responsible for all those bulging stomachs and fat rolls in thighs and chins.

84 Does the weight loss slow down after the first two weeks?

Many times there is a large amount of weight loss in the first week, then a plateau or leveling off of weight loss. This does not mean that your weight loss has stopped. Typically, inches are being lost continuously while on the program, and after a period of time, patients will experience another large drop on the scale. Weight loss is thus achieved in this stair-step fashion.

85 How much weight can I expect to lose on the program?

Weight loss will vary among individuals. On an average, dieters lose about 1-2 pounds per day but you may lose more, or less. It all depends on the amount of weight you have to lose before starting the diet, whether you follow the recommended protocol, and your metabolic rate.

Often, people lose 7-14 lbs in the first week. Many times there is a large amount of weight loss in the first week, then a plateau or leveling off of weight loss. This does not mean that your weight loss has stopped. Typically, inches are being lost continuously while on the program, and after a period of time, patients will experience another large drop on the scale. Weight loss is thus achieved in this stair-step fashion. You need to have at least 12 lbs to lose in order to do the 26 day program.

86 Why are some people calling HCG the "Weight Loss Cure"?

HCG is also being called the "Weight Loss Cure" because after taking it for weight loss, it reprograms your body to use stored fat for energy when calories are reduced for a period of time. It helps you maintain your weight and not regain the pounds you lost.

87 Is it ok to skip a meal or protein at one of my meals?

No. You don't ever want to skip any of your meals. Its important to eat all of your 500 calories and especially your protein so that you only lose fat and not muscle.

88 Can water be substituted for other drinks?

Make yourself an iced coffee with Stevia.  It’s not quite like Starbucks, but it adds variety.  You may make a smoothie.  Take your handful of strawberries and add water, ice, and Stevia to your blender.  This is not cheating!  Another option is to use your daily lemon allowance to make “lemonade”.  Simply add Stevia to taste.

89 Can you split up your fruits and eat them when you want?

Yes, you can eat them for breakfast or as a snack. Most don't eat them with their meals so they will have a snack when they feel hungry. You get 2 fruits a day.

90 What are some fast snack ideas for between meals?

Slice a tomato or cucumber and add salt and pepper.  You can broil a tomato or onion in the oven with some spices.  These are great ideas for in-between meals.  If you are constantly on the go, try slicing up an apple or celery sticks to carry with you.  Eating a slice or two every few hours will keep your metabolism going and will keep you full throughout your day.

91 Can I eat salads during HCG?

It is ok to eat an occasional salad.  You may add small amounts of your favorite approved veggies.  The salad should only be topped with apple cider vinegar, salsa, or a dressing from the provided recipes.  No other salad dressing is allowed.  You must add the calories for each ingredient added.  If you eat a salad for lunch, only eat 1 vegetable for dinner.

92 What products can I use on my skin?

For those of you who have read Dr. Simeon’s protocol or Kevin Trudeau’s book, you are familiar with the section on hygiene products.  Here at Payless4HCG we do not focus on this particular portion of the protocol.  Makeup, lotions, etc. may clog your pores and could possibly cause you to lose less weight, but it’s a matter of a couple ounces difference.  For those of you who feel it is necessary to change the products you use, we recommend all natural, oil free lotions and mineral based make-up for the female patients. You could certainly keep using the same products you always use but in a lesser amount and frecuency.

93 What types of exercise are allowed on phase 2 of the diet?

It is best to limit your exercise to light cardio or Yoga/Pilates style workouts.  You do not want to burn too many calories in one single activity.  Your body is under a lot of physiological stress so you do not want to break down the muscle in a strenuous workout because you are not able to re-build the muscle.  Exercise is important to your mental stability, so while on the protocol you will want to limit the strengths to yoga, pilates, or brisk walking.

94 Do I have to exercise while on the HCG diet?

No. Exercise may increase the amount of weight you lose while on this plan, it is not a significant increase and is not recommended. Being on a 500 calorie diet you can easily become very exhausted. This only leads to discouragement and frustration. A suggestion for those who want to exercise is that you walk for 20 to 30 minutes a day or maybe a few sit-ups. Walking is great exercise and helps relieve stress, keeps the bowels moving, conditions your cardiovascular system, and encourages better blood/oxygen circulation.

It is recommended that you do only light exercise while doing the hCG Diet. Walking, Yoga ,Pilates, lighter weight lifting (resistance) is great to keep up your strength. Stay away from high calorie burning exercises (ex. Running, aerobics). Over exercising will cause the body to go into starvation mode and hold on to the fat, fighting against the hCG.

95 What happens if I cheat? 

Under the influence of HCG the blood is saturated with food and the blood volume has adapted itself so that it can only just accommodate the 500 calories in which come in from the intestinal tract in the course of the day.  Any additional income, however little this may be, cannot be accommodated and the blood is therefore forced to increase its volume sufficiently to hold the extra food, which it can only do in a very diluted form.  Thus it is not the weight of what is eaten that plays the determining role but rather the amount of water which the body must retain to accommodate this food.   Any excess food outside of the 500 calorie intake will result in a plateau that will only break in time, typically 4 to 5 days.

96 Can I take the drops longer than 40 days if I want to keep losing weight?

No! You can take them up to 40 days. After 40 days you must take a break for how many days you were on the drops before you start another session. This is to make sure your body doesn't become immune to the HCG. 20 days is the shortest amount of days and 40 is the longest you can do the drops. You will need 2 bottles to do a 40 day round. Just remember the last 3 days of your plan is no drops and continue the diet for 3 days until the HCG is flushed out of your body before going into maintenance. Exercise is encouraged once you start maintenance and are back to 1500-1700 calorie diet.

97 Will I feel hungry while using HCG?

Because HCG is mobilizing your stored fat, your body will be constantly fed by the broken down fat. Most people report a feeling of being satisfied while using HCG even though their actual food intake is only 500 calories.

If hunger is still present, increase the drops according to the drops per day. If 36 drops per day don't work, increase to 42 and so on until appetite is under control. Dr. Simeons started everyone at 125 i.u. injection one time daily.

98 Is it normal to get a headache during the first days?

Some people may experience light headaches during the first couple of days, this is because your body is releasing fat cells very rapidly and you will be going through a major detox. You should drink plenty of water to lessen this symptom. You may take an Aspirin or Tylenol as long as it's not sugar coated. You can also take vitamin C the 1st week to diminish this issue if you are experiencing.

99 How can I only survive on 500 calories a day?

HCG releases 1500 to 4000 calories (from your stored fat) with the additional 500 calories that you are eating is equal to a 2000 to 4000 calorie diet which is why people do not feel hungry while on the HCG Diet.

100 Wouldn't I lose 1 to 2 pounds without HCG if I was eating only 500 calories?

If you attempted to lose weight by only eating 500 calories it would eventually back fire because your body would think that you were starving and would begin to store additional fat.

101 How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss varies between ½  pound and 1.5 pounds per day, with the average loss being 1 pounds per day. You can actually lose between 8-14 lbs just on the 1st week. You will continue losing up to 1 pound daily afterwards. It all depends on the amount of lbs needed to be lost. The heavier you are, the faster the weight will come off. Men tend to lose more and a litlle fater than women on average.

102 Is it healthy to lose 1-2 pounds a day with HCG?

While losing 1-2 pounds daily without the use of HCG would be unhealthy, the HCG in fact changes this. You lose fat and the weight loss comes directly from this fat loss and does not strip the body.

103 Who can use the diet?

The treatment works for almost everyone, young, old, male, female. You can use HCG if your BMI value is higher than 20. Always check with your doctor before beginning any new weight loss program.

104 Can vegetarians use HCG for weight loss?

Yes vegetarians can use HCG for weight loss following the Vegetarian protocol.

105 I'm a vegetarian. What can I eat?

You will eat the same veggies, fruits and crackers that are mentioned in the normal protocol. For protein, you will have 8 oz. skim milk or ½ cup cottage cheese. You can also have white fish. Vegetarians lose an average of ½ lb. per day.

106 How do I keep my goal weight once I stop using HCG?

Don't think of HCG as just a diet. The HCG program helps reset your metabolism and your fat regulation system so your body no longer is triggered into storing unneeded fat. But do continue to be aware of the foods you take into your body.

107 Should I have a prescription and doctor involved while using HCG?

Whenever considering a weight loss program, consult with your healthcare provider. With that said, HCG oral drops do not require a prescription.

108 If Oral HCG works so well for weight loss, why don’t pregnant women lose weight?

HCG works to mobilize fat for utilization by the body only when there is a significant decrease in calories and fat. For weight loss, a very low calorie diet of all the right foods is used to trigger HCG to help rid the body of fat.

109 How long should I take the drops?

You can take the drops for up to 6 weeks at a time. You can expect to lose about 1 pound of fat for every day you are on the diet. If you have more than 35-40 pounds to lose, you can do more cycles after taking a break of at least 3 weeks. We have had people lose over 100 pounds with our product.

110 Am I safe to take antibiotics on the HCG diet?

Antibiotics are safe to take during the HCG diet, please follow the instructions provided by your physician.

111 Will my metabolism slow down if I am on a very low calorie diet?

It is true that normally when cutting back on calories and fat, our body stores fat and our metabolism slows down. This happens because fat is really a life-saving source of stored energy. When a very low calorie diet is used in conjunction with the HCG, the hormone signals the body to used stored fat for energy, and will eliminate excess fat reserves. It is a natural process, so no ill effects on your metabolism will result. The HCG keeps the body from going into starvation mode and holding onto fat as it resets your metabolism.

112 Should women start taking HCG when on their period?

The best time for women to start the HCG weight loss program is immediately after their period or menstruation cycle.

113 Will I experience any changes in my menstrual cycle taking HCG?

Because the amount of HCG is so small, there are no changes to your menstrual cycle. Likewise, HCG will not affect your ability to become pregnant, nor will it increase your chances of getting pregnant. Wait until after your menstrual period is completed to start HCG. Once on HCG and you have a menstrual cycle, you can maintain the diet and continue taking HCG.

114 Can I take HCG while using birth control?

HCG has not been shown to interfere with birth control.

115 Will HCG interfere with any medications I am currently taking? What about birth control pills or Depo-Provera injections?

Oral HCG Drops do not interact with ANY medications, including birth control pills or Depo-Provera. Even though there are currently NO clinically proven side effects to our oral weight loss formula, as with any diet we do recommend consulting with your doctor to make sure this diet is for you.

116 Can HCG be used while breastfeeding?

It is best to ask your healthcare provider though it is known that HCG is naturally produced by women during pregnancy and menstruation.

117 What can I eat when I am on the diet?

You will be eating normal, healthy food that is easy to find at your local grocery store. You will have 2 proteins, 2 veggies, 2 fruits and 2 cracker servings per day. We have a lot of great recipes to choose from on our website.

118 Can I use salt?

Yes. There are no restrictions on the use of salt, but be sure to read the ingredients on any seasonings you use to be sure they don't contain any added sugar.

119 Can I drink alcohol while I am taking the drops?

No. Alcohol is not allowed during Phase 2 while you are taking the drops, however you can drink in moderation during Phase 3 so long as you are careful to avoid drinks containing sugar or starch.

120 What kind of make-up/cosmetics can I use?

Mineral make-up is best. Whatever you use must be oil free. Be sure to read the ingredients on everything you put on your skin to be sure it doesn't contain oil.You could also keep using the same product you ussually use. Just wear a lesser amount and decrease the frequency you use them
121 What about shampoo/conditioner and toothpaste?

Most people can safely continue to use their regular hygiene products without affecting their loss.

122 Does your HCG come pre-mixed?

Yes. It comes pre-mixed and ready to use.

123 Where are your HCG products manufactured?

All of our HCG products are manufactured and bottled in FDA approved and regulated facilities in the United States of America.